Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TimeLapse! version 1.2 is released to Android Market

New version of TimeLapse! is available now. Version 1.2 includes the convenient feature to view, share and manage your recorded timelapse video.

You can now see video information such as FPS, resolution, no. of frames, etc...

Please note that the version 1.1 or before have a bug in file naming, the month digit is one less than actual. Rename your files if needed.


  1. Hi
    thaks for your app.

    Sorry, but I don't understand the mean of one thingh in the menu "timelapse setting".
    Capture interval is the time between two photo, Video FPS is video frame per second, but "Delay" what ias the mean?

  2. Hi Maurizio, hope you like the app.

    After you press the Capture button, it first do focusing, then it waits some delay time before the capturing process actually begins.

    When pressing the button, it shakes the camera a bit, that delay time allows the camera to stop moving.

    You can also use this delay time period to first point to your target to focus and then framing your time lapse video.

    Hope it is clear to you now.

  3. Hey there,
    thanks for this app, but i´ve got a problem. the taken movie is an .avi movie which don´t runs on my samsung galaxy s. I tested some ohter players but the problem is the same.
    hoppe you can fix it or help me.


  4. Hi, I really like your app but one question. Can the screen be turned off to save battery life while it is recording?

  5. Hi Daniel,
    Mobo Player and Seaman Player in android do play the video. Actually if some players can't play, it is not the problem of the video, but the problem of the player. The AVI file is created according to AVI spec with stripped useless information.

    Hi PGL,
    Thanks you like the app. Yes, we've already put that in todo list in next update. Please stay tune.

  6. I have recorded a trip from Phoenix to San Diego and the video was awsome. I played on my PC using Windows Media Player, but when I tried to edit on Vegas Movie Studio or Premiere CS4, I couldn't. Any thought why this might happen ? I recorded 1096 frames at 15 fps.


  7. Hi Akira,

    Thanks for using our app. But sorry to say that we cannot test it out on your mentioned software as we don't have a copy. Most probably they are requiring some non-essential headers in the AVI files which we keep to a minimum.

    We have tested on a few video editing software which works fine, to name a few:
    TMPGEnc, VirtualDub, AVIdemux, Ulead Media Studio, Windows Movie Make

  8. Dear Author,

    I like the app but unfortunately all 3 times I tried to shoot more or less lengthy video it froze... at about 960th frame, next time at 989th, last time at 1001th... Please look into the issue.

    And I endorse the request to turn the screen off while shooting.

  9. ...I run the app on a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S, if that means anything to you.

  10. Hi Tor_onet, thanks for reporting the issue, we're looking into it as soon as possible.

    And yes, turning screen off is quite important to save batteries, up till now we can't find of a way to turn the screen off by the standard android programming API. We have, as a partial remedy, changed to allow dim screen and added options to blacken the preview window in the coming 1.3 release.

  11. Hi Tor_ont,

    One point to note, Android 2.2 and older uses a file system called YAFFS, which has an internal file size limit of 512MB. Are you recorded video reaching that limit? If yes, you can turn the quality or reduce recording dimension.

  12. ...I tried another timelapse app, and it TOO stops working at about 1000th frame...

    Is it a kind of a conflict with my ROM ? I'm running TeamWhiskey's Bionix NextGen 2 on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S, kernel

    Please he-elp =(

  13. Hi Tor_ont, we can't reproduce the problem, tried to record over 2000 frames without any problems... Have you checked the file system?

  14. Hello,

    I have been trying to use this on a galaxy s2 unfortunately the images are mostly black and white with weird splashes of colour through them.

    I am using normal setting not black and white :)

    thanks adrian

  15. Would there be any way to enable a widescreen resolution (1024x768) on the Samsung Galaxy Ace? Or are the resolutions completely dependant on the the phone model?

  16. Hi Martin, video dimension is depending on the model of the phone, sorry we won't try to makea particular resolution at the moment.