Wednesday, September 28, 2011

TimeLapse! version 1.3 to be released very soon

It has been quite a long while since the last release of TimeLapse! A long list of feature requests, bugs, enhancement request are collected. Here they are major ones:

1. Cannot playback the video (Cause the bad rating due to people can't read description?!)
2. Turn screen off while recording
3. Shutter sound can't mute in some devices

We spent quite a long long time trying to create a built-in video player for our own video. It works in some senses but the performance is not quite acceptable. We can only create at most 15 FPS playback rate without using hardware acceleration. How about with hardware acceleration? We think hard if we should choose that path to change our goal from a timelapse app to a video playing app. Finally, we decide to remove that feature. Just let those can't read to rate bad. Sigh!

Well, it may be a good news to all of you, since we are now back to the development of the core function and new version of Timelapse! is coming very soon. Stay tune.

Let see a few great timelapse video we received:

A timelapse of cool moving cloud by David Brennan

Autumn Clouds by Martin Bone

Timelapse of Victoria Harbor by MrTimelapse101

If anyone of you capture any good timelapse clip by TimeLapse!, please send us the details and we will show it up in our blog. Thanks


  1. How do I 'send them to you'? I don't see an email address... I posted them to YouTube:
    They are all from my balcony, since I'm too lazy to stand next to my phone for 4 hours somewhere.

  2. I have not found an email address either...but mine are below for share!

    Lewes, DE sunset:

    Parkersburg, WV cityscape:

  3. I was wondering if it was possible to request that 1920x1080 is added to the picture settings. It'd be very efficient for exporting HD time lapse videos.

    Thanks for a great app!

  4. lovin the quality - you rock!!!

    could you pretty please include a mjpeg videomode ( if possible with audio) 1920x1080@24p?

    all android cam apps dont cut it due to low bitrate compression so this would make it the world first quality camcorder app :) !!!


  5. hi! iam really loving your timelapse app but maybe i overlooked it, but is there a possiblity to set the recording time? it would be great to set only the start delay, framerate and recording time (e.g. 4 hours).

    thx for this great app!

  6. btw i wrote a small (german) tutorial for this great app :)

  7. Not as much action as the videos posted, but I made my first video here using 30fps and resizing the frames to 1920x1080.

    Can't wait for the next update!

  8. Thanks for this great app.

    I think 3 more features would make the app "perfect":
    - autofocus selection for individual frames
    - an option to select external sd card as storage target
    - screen-off while recording

    Plus: if any sound file could be selected as music of timelapse, then your app would become "AMAZING PERFECT" :-)

    By the way, you can contact with Wessel Rossing (developer of the app Tina Time-lapse) to get some useful development advices for new features.

    1. I do concur in ahmet's opinion:
      really a great app - I'm just limited to the tiny internal space of my device just as many other user. The external SD card option would be a huge step!

  9. Hi, I don't know how else to contact you, I love the app, however my card was filled up during one capture and now the app crashes every time I try to look at the videos... Any thoughts on how to resolve this?

  10. Hello,

    In the settings menu... what is the difference in (a) Delay and (b) Capture Interval? A seemingly more useful setting would be to decide upon the overall recording time (I.e. 4 hours) or to specify a stop time via clock hours (I.e. at 8pm)

    Rex S.

  11. Hi.
    Any chance it will work on tablets like Galaxy Tab 2? Now I'm using it on the phone only and it is great1


  12. Hello,

    This app changed my life and mainly, because it is very simple...
    Thank you and I am looking forward for the updates.
    Btw, where can I donate!

    here is something I made, postprocessed on PC

    Good luck and don´t stop!

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  15. Hey, great TimeLapse app! Thank you a lot!
    Your posting here is from 2011, any news to version 1.3?

    Some feature requests, for Picture Settings:
    White Balance:
    preset "off" would be great. Cause one of my testing videos captures a sky with clouds and from time to time direct Sun shing into the camera lense. But the white balance results in darker/lighter flashing pictures, depending of the sun is shining directly or is covered by clouds (see video above). I would like to have constant pictures, and so the possibility to correct the white balance afterwards in a video editor. So preset "off" would be the goal.

    Video Size:
    standard resolutions like 1920x1080 (Full HD) and 1280x720 (HD) would be great. Maybe the unusual resolutions in TimeLapse at the moment like f.e. 2048x1232 is ok if u upload the video directly f.e. to youtube, cause youtube will resize it to a standard resolution. But if u want to edit the video f.e. to add music, burn it on DVD, edit in Videoeditor and so on, you need to resize it.
    Otherwise its good to have a higher resolution than FullHD, to crop it afterwards, f.e. if u have some areas in the captured video you don´t want.

    At the moment i use 2048x1232, after capture in TimeLapse open the video in VirtualDub, filter:resize = resize it to 1920x1155 (keep aspect ratio as source), filter:null transform = crop it to 1920x1080, then encode it with Xvid (Profile Xvid HD 1080, target bitrate 3000) with 2pass encoding.
    That results the original TimeLapse capture File encoded as MJPG which was 4,172 GB, to 87 MB encoded as Xvid.

    Check my video:

    TimeLapse! Settings:
    Delays (ms) 3000
    Capture Interval (ms) 1000 (1 second)
    Picture Settings:
    Video Size 2048x1232
    Video Filter None
    White Balance auto
    Video Quality 100

    with this settings, 4 hours capture causes a Video of 4 GB with a clip length of 4:21

    Peace, Cpt. Asteroid

  16. some more feature requests:
    storage source selectable. I want to store the timelapse video on external sc-card

    Peace, Cpt. Asteroid

    An anwser would be great. ,-)