Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First TimeLapse! Video found in YouTube

After releasing the App TimeLapse! for about 2 months, the first video by our App is found in YouTube. We are so happy that there are some people actually use it.

Below is the video by Josh777 from Debrecen, Hungary. That is an amazing time lapse, we have similar fast moving cloud and lovely sunset in Hong Kong. It is time for our team to record some nice videos too!

Homemade time lapse video, 720p.
This is the original .avi file without any edit, cut or trim.

Captured with HTC Sensation, TimeLapse! 1.2 by Explorer DC.
Captrure time: 4 hours
Capture interval: 5000 ms
Delay: 3000 ms

If you have any timelapse video recorded by our app, please send us and we will show it here.


  1. I've also just made a test video using the app:

    Many thanks for an excellent app!
    Martin Bone

  2. Thanks Martin for sharing your video with us. It is very interesting to have the slipping effect!

    Indeed, we are playing with some mechanics for recording timelapse with dolly and panning effect (and slipping). That extra dimension will give timelapse video a even more stunning effect. You can try it out!

  3. hi! i have also made video with this app ...

    thx again for the app!